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Natural Resources

Hammock Bay Nature Trails.
Residential areas surrounding green spaces, close to nature walks, bike paths and an abundance of outdoor activities, offers a lifestyle where neighbors socialize, and a sense of community is well intact. At Hammock Bay, great detail has been placed in creating a perfectly balanced environment where the natural landscape has been positively incorporated into the community’s design.

Our Promise

Nestled along 3,000 acres, the developers of Hammock Bay, The Jay Odom Group, are diligent about preserving the unique and the unequaled natural beauty of this community. With mangroves, marshland, towering mature trees, lakes, and awe-inspiring views, Hammock Bay is designed to enhance these features, creating an ideal backdrop for a healthy lifestyle.

According to Precious Heritage, a nature conservancy survey of biodiversity in the U.S., Northwest Florida is one of the six most important places for diverse and rare species in the country. From an environmental standpoint, The Florida Panhandle is like no other part of the state; the assemblage of plants and animals here occurs nowhere else on earth. As Hammock Bay is the premier community on the North Shore of Choctawhatchee Bay, the responsibility to protect and manage this precious resource falls naturally to us.


Hammock Bay therefore commits:

  • To leave at least 1000 acres of the total 3000-acre site as preserved and managed wetland and wilderness.
  • To encourage natural biodiversity amongst the flora and fauna of the area.
  • To educate our residents, employees and the local community to both enjoy and protect our surroundings.
  • To be energy efficient in all our endeavors.
  • To avoid waste and pollution wherever possible.
  • To recycle waste wherever it is environmentally efficient to do so.
  • To enhance our surroundings for the benefit of the community and the wildlife that occupies it.

The area occupied by Hammock Bay was, in the past, planted out as a pine plantation for the paper industry. The pines were only planted where they could be economically harvested. This meant that indigenous streams, creeks, and wetlands were left in a pristine state. Hammock Bay commits to only fell the plantation pines and to allow the indigenous areas to remain as they were. We will only manage these areas to ensure that the natural balance is maintained.

Hammock Bay will strictly adhere to the principles of preservation ensuring the integrity of this community.


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