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Walton County Schools Rank High

Young children at a table with notebooks and pencils.

Ready or not, the school year has started. Last week kicked off the 2019-2020 school year for Walton County which is the perfect time for us to share how wonderful our school district is!  

Every year students put in hours upon hours of class time, homework, projects and activities in exchange for a grade showing how well they did. But students aren’t the only ones striving for high marks, the schools themselves receive grades based on the success of the students. According to Florida’s Department of Education (DOE):

“The school grading system focuses the school grading formula on student success measures.

  • Achievement
  • Learning gains
  • Graduation
  • Acceleration success
  • Maintaining a focus on students who need the most support”

It is a team effort to achieve a high grade as a school. Teachers, principals, students and parents put in a lot of work to provide the best foundation, education and environment for students to be successful.

Students getting into a school bus.

The Walton Sun published an article about the high marks our local schools have received and stated: “The number of A schools in Walton County doubled to 10 in 2019 from five schools last year. It has three B schools and one C school. The performance led to its highest ranking in its history at seventh statewide.”

Ranking 7th statewide is definitely something to be proud of and this isn’t the first time Freeport schools have received high marks. In one of our previous blog posts, The Educational Excellence of Freeport Schools, we share about how Freeport High School ranked nationally, and some of the hands-on learning opportunities Walton County students have.

Hammock Bay Entrance Sign

Hammock Bay is proud to be located in Walton County with amazing opportunities for our youth and their education! We wish everyone wonderful 2019-2020 school year!

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