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The Natural Landscape of Hammock Bay is Protected

The natural landscape of Hammock Bay is stunning and the developer, The Jay Odom Group, is fully aware of the importance of keeping it pristine and protecting it. They recognize the responsibility that is bestowed upon them and are committed to protecting and sympathetically managing the ecosystem of Hammock Bay. They have made the commitment to preserve 1000 acres wetlands and wilderness of the 3000 acres that are there.

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Hammock Bay also vows to encourage natural biodiversity and educate residents, employees and the local community on how to protect the surroundings. Hammock Bay is energy efficient, avoids waste and pollution wherever possible and recycles waste when it is deemed environmentally efficient to do so. By committing to these promises, Hammock Bay in turn enhances the surroundings for the benefit of the community and the wildlife that occupy it.

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We hope you will come for a visit and see why Hammock Bay is such a sought after community to live whether you are just starting out, raising a family or retiring. To stay up-to-date with the happenings at Hammock Bay, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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