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Hammock Bay General Store

Hammock Bay General Store Open

Update:  5/22/2019.  We are excited to announce that the General Store at Hammock Bay will be opening Friday the 24th at 5:30 am.  We appreciate your patience and excitement for this new addition.  At the store, you’ll find all the basic needs such as beer and wine, coffee, candy, hot pizza and hot dogs, dry goods, soda, cold drinks, and more.  You’ll also find great local products from neighbors and friends. So, saddle up and come see us this Friday!

Inside the General Store, you’ll find vintage antiques and photos from the Freeport areas and families.  We are also very thankful to those that provided the old photos and the stories that go with them.  Our deepest appreciation extends to:

Here are a few of the images that were our favorites.  Some of them came with a story, and some did not.  If you know who the people are or the location, please add your comment so we can update the descriptions.


Update 2/16/2018: Some things are better kept a secret, and although the General Store that is under construction in Hammock Bay is obviously not a secret, the details about it will remain “unknown” until its grand opening. What we can share with you is the inspiration behind its design.


Concept drawing for the front of the store.

The original General Store was built in the 1920s to serve the Freeport area. Unfortunately, the first store burned down but was rebuilt and running again in the 1940s.  The small store (by today’s standards) most likely provided everything one may need to purchase on a regular basis making it an important asset to have in a town at that time.

Hammock Bay is excited about the new addition to the community and looks forward to its Grand Opening, which is expected sometime this summer! Stay tuned!


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