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Anne Winjum

O: (850) 259-9502

Anne was her father's shadow as a little girl, much to her mother's chagrin, who wanted to teach her to cook and sew. THAT was not in the cards! Anne found it much more interesting that Dad invested in LAND and rental houses. "Buy dirt," he said, "they aren't making any more." And the love affair with real estate began.

Anne grew up in Baton Rouge, LA with lots of friends and cousins and three older brothers she was always fighting to keep up with. It was an awesome childhood full of laughter, great food, and playing kick the can every night in the neighborhood until the street lights came on. Fast forward to age 16 when Anne's family moved to Colorado Springs, CO where she made lifelong friends and grew to cherish the outdoors and all of the wonderful Colorado sports. College and grad school were spent in stunning Boulder, CO where she became an avid runner, banking about 15 miles a day and enjoying friends and the wonderful life of no responsibility!
On a wonderful summer day in 1987, she met the love of her life, Brent Winjum. Anne and Brent have been together ever since and have now been married 34 years.

Fast forward to present day, Anne and Brent live in Hammock Bay in Freeport, FL, and have two beautiful daughters, one of whom is in Chiropractic College in SC, and the other an Operating Room R.N. in Gainesville, FL. "We moved to Freeport in 2012 from Destin and what a blessing it has been! There are definitely more expensive neighborhoods in our tri-county area, but none can begin to compare to the lifestyle here in Hammock Bay!"

With the girls now on their own and her "boyfriend" back, Anne is reveling in the fact she has more time to pour into her passions: family and friends, Hammock Bay Real Estate, and staying FIT! "Everyone is in a different place with respect to goals and finances: it's my job to help my customers analyze all angles and options in order to make wise buying and selling decisions. It is also my sincere honor to be a small, yet integral part of my customers' dreams and futures. I smile as I drive by their beautiful homes on a daily basis in this 3,000-acre paradise, and that gives me immense satisfaction."

Awards & Designations

Hammock Bay Expert.
Hammock Bay Real Estate LLC.
Florida Military Relocation Specialist.
Official Hammock Bay REALTOR®.

Anne Winjum
Broker Associate
Hammock Bay
74 Great Hammock Bend
Freeport FL 32439

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